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Mobile app delelopment

Mobile Support & Security

Get instant support for our IT staff at any time of day or night, as if they were sitting next to you. To do this, a user is online chat with an expert for remote support on all matters relating to your mobile device. A quick call to the expert of the instant application and download/start remote support tools

On-line Support

The application is designed for users who value their time, safety and comfort. Smart Online company provides help in solving computer problems by using the "Remote Desktop" technology. Unlike many companies working with a computer problem, Smart Online offers a unique product - an innovative service and a more personalized service.

What does Smart24 do?

Create a backup of your phone and tablet personal data, activate the remote control of your phone or tablet, get instant support from our IT staff at any time of day or night, as if they were sitting next to you.

Design Challenges and Wins

We faced a number of challenges implementing all these features while keeping the app simple and user-friendly. We chose Material Design because it offers a simple, user-friendly experience. It is perfect for screens with a lot of detailed information, and it was particularly useful for an app like Smart24. We used Sketch to design app.

Navigation through the App

We didn't want to make the app's navigation too complicated, so on Android we decided to use a simple sidebar menu with base sections and to use tabs as subsections. This simplified navigation. In iOS version we used a tab-bar and this resulted in significant differences in navigation between two apps.

Simple branding

Through properly placed color accents application can easily be made into a variety of corporate styles. Many companies have one-stop service Use of technical assistance Smart24.


To design the Smart24 app we started with making wireframes that helped us to understand and define the best patterns for navigation and most valuable features. After that we used already existing website functional to develop additional features. Smart24 was going to be a content-oriented app, so we decided to use Google's Material Design Guidelines.

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