The Most Important Design Elements for a Mobile App


Big Elements

Designing for a smaller device means that you need to include bigger features. Larger buttons, text, and imagery makes your mobile app easier to use, and makes the content easier to consume. You want to ensure an optimal experience for your audience at all times, and that means keeping the user in mind throughout the design process. We know how to translate your business onto a mobile platform, while still creating a quality experience for your audience. Using the proper sizing, and preventing your customer from having to pinch and zoom too often can provide users with a mobile app that will surpass competitors.

Consistent Branding

The design of your mobile app should conceptually reflect branding across your other digital channels. The fonts, colors, and imagery surrounding your business should be worked into the app in a way that is cohesive with other marketing efforts, and adapted to fit your mobile platform. Our designers can work off of your existing branding, or start from scratch and create a look that captures the personality that your business wants to present to users. If your mobile app is a new venture for your company, it should stand out as the figurehead for your online business. Together we can create a stunning design that improves the functionality of the mobile app, and the uniformity or your business.

User Engagement

You want your mobile app to compliment your other digital platforms. Integrating your contact information within the app is a great way to get users to interact with your business outside of the app itself. By including navigation options that lead to your location, contact, or social media information, you can get your mobile app to work in tandem with the rest of your digital platforms. Our designers can integrate these icons and badges into the layout of the app in a way that does not distract from the user experience. This can present opportunities for users to ask questions, contact customer service, or provide feedback. Having all of this open communication and information naturally embedded in your mobile app lets your audience engage with your brand in a number of different ways, all from one device.

Intuitive Navigation

The functionality of a mobile app is different from other digital properties like your business’ website. Mobile apps need to be optimized for touch rather than a desktop mouse. This is a crucial part of the design process that makes a dramatic impact on the overall experience for the user. Responsive controls need to be incorporated into the design that tell a user when they “click” something or complete an action. These are intuitive features that may seem technical, but they aesthetically help your audience learn how to navigate your mobile app. Our designers have a strong understanding of which controls work best throughout each platform. From buttons changing colors, to text becoming highlighted or underlined, these small details are incorporated into your mobile app design to help it perform for you and your customer.


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