Organic Life


Identity & Product Packaging

We designed the logo and labels for a series of shampoos «Organic life». Rejecting the massive visual images, usually used in the design of packaging and labels, we have resorted to the use of simple, natural and nice looking combinations of shapes and colors.

Logo Creation

In the framework developed by logo label went previously we created for this brand. Some see in it a butterfly, some bee or a flower, and all thanks to it natural ornament, perfectly underlines the feature of the products offered.

Package Design

Depending on the component of the shampoo or balm, colored labels juicy, but loyal to the visual perception of colors, and also feature a marked «S-free» and anti-smog. Lightweight design in combination with patterned lines and simple shapes of containers, not just attract the attention of potential buyers for the product, but also allow him to keep. Conciseness, elegance and nothing more - a slogan design submitted labels.

Street Advertising

Products used in the design of outdoor advertising has been removed by means of our photo studio.

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